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的 体育 World Responds to COVID-19

As the world responds to COVID-19/Coronavirus, the world of professional 和 amateur sports is responding as well. 的 virus had already has begun impacting the sports world 和 its impact with likely increase. 的 spread of the virus throughout the United States has led to growing concerns about sporting games 和 events.  As a result, … 继续阅读


U.S. District Court Judge Susan Richard Nelson has denied the class-action status sought by a potential class of several thousand current 和 former players suing the 全国曲棍球联盟(NHL) alleging that the league was negligent in its care 和 prevention of head trauma 和 that it fraudulently concealed the long-term impact of head injuries … 继续阅读


的 U.S. Supreme Court has struck down the federal law known as the 专业的 和 业余运动 Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) that bans states from permitting gambling 上 sporting events. Murphy v. National 合议制Athletic Assn., No. 16-476 (May 14, 2018). This decision effectively ends Nevada’s long-time monopoly in this arena 和 opens the … 继续阅读


随着高中学生结束冬季运动计划,春季运动参与者开始在全国各地比赛,代理商的角色和重要性以及业余运动员的使用,为即将到来的美国职棒大联盟(MLB)业余选拔赛和NHL参赛草案再次出现在… 继续阅读


In these days of “extreme vetting,” entering the United States as a business visitor (B visa or Visa Waiver status, with an ESTA approval) can have its hazards – especially for athletes who need to enter the United States quickly 和 have no time to spare. [Link to blog 上 extreme vetting: http://www.globalimmigrationblog.com/2017/05/state-department-proposes-supplemental-questions-for-visa-applicants/ ] Earlier this … 继续阅读


前NHL球员凯文·史蒂文斯(Kevin Stevens)在本周在波士顿美国地方法院举行听证会后避免了联邦监狱的判决。史蒂文斯曾在NHL效力16年(1987-2002),其中包括与匹兹堡企鹅队合作的11个赛季中的一部分,他还出演了波士顿学院和1988年的美国奥运代表队。在早期的… 继续阅读


美国职棒大联盟(Major League Baseball)已要求加利福尼亚联邦法院驳回一项拟议的集体诉讼要求,该指控指责该联盟未能通过安全网充分保护观众。盖尔·佩恩(Gail Payne)等人被美国加利福尼亚北区地方法院提起。 v。棒球专员办公室等,4:15-cv-03229,… 继续阅读


的 U.S. Citizenship 和 出入境 服务 (USCIS) has proposed new guidance for adjudicating O-1 visa petitions for athletes 和 other individuals of extraordinary ability in certain fields. If the proposal becomes effective, athletes will have greater flexibility in satisfying the O-1 visa criteria. Under current USCIS regulations, an athlete may qualify for an O-1 visa … 继续阅读


的 Uniform 法 Commission (ULC) has approved significant changes to the Uniform Athlete Agents Act (UAA) at its recent annual meeting. 的 UAA, first adopted in 2000, has been enacted in 40 states, as well as the District of Columbia 和 the U.S. Virgin Islands. 法s similar to the UAA have been enacted by several … 继续阅读

的 Top Five 出入境 Mistakes Made 通过 Foreign Athletes

2014年,美国国家篮球协会(National Basketball Association)的开幕日花名册列出了在美国境外出生的101名球员,美国职棒大联盟(Major League Baseball)拥有来自日本,韩国,多米尼加共和国,委内瑞拉,日本,古巴和墨西哥等国家的224名球员,更不用说全国曲棍球联盟,大联盟足球和其他国家的许多球员… 继续阅读


Ten former players have filed a class action lawsuit against the National Hockey League over injuries caused by concussions sustained during their professional careers. 的 lawsuit, filed  in federal court in Washington D.C., comes six months after another civil action in May accused the NHL of failing to warn former player/enforcer Derek Boogard about the … 继续阅读


的 全国曲棍球联盟(NHL) 季未能如期于2012年10月11日开始,因为 劳动合同谈判与联盟’决定封锁其玩家。  的 NHL rekindled hope for a 2012-2013 season when it made an unexpected counter-proposal to the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) 和 its players. 的 League’s latest proposal … 继续阅读

亚利桑那州’第二届体育运动年会& Entertainment 法

杰克逊·刘易斯学院和职业体育 工业集团将成为特色 亚利桑那州的参与者’第二届体育和娱乐法会议。 会议的全部细节发布在下面。   What: 亚利桑那州立大学Sandra Day O’康纳法学院’第二届体育和娱乐法年会 2011年11月5日,星期六(上午9点– 5 … 继续阅读


Consider the dilemma of a newly drafted NHL hockey player from Canada. After signing his Standard Player Contract, obtaining his P visa, 和 loading up his gear 和 heading to the border with his long-time girlfriend to begin training camp, both are stopped at the border. 的 immigration officer questioned the girlfriend’旅行的意图 … 继续阅读